Freeletics coach – week 13 & 14

Hey, I am back! Sorry for not posting for two weaks – but I had a lot of things to do. My project at work is at a critical state and everybody had to work a lot of extra hours. It is a software development project and we are slowly running out of developers – to complete my currently assigned tasks in time, I would have to clone myself three times ­čśŤ

Freeletics coach - week 13

Freeletics coach – week 13

But anyhow, now christmas holidays are about to start and it got a little more quiet and I finally found the time to write this post. During the past two weeks the freeletics workouts were a really good distraction from work. Nothing is better to clear your mind after a hard business week than a good and intense workout – besides alcohol, but you feel much better afterwards…So, today I want to talk about how freeletics – or sports in general – have an influence on my performance at my working place.

Training made me much more resistent to stress and increased my productivity. Before I worked out so much, being at the office for 8 or more hours exhausted me. It was hard to work extra hours and if I did one day, I left earlier on the next day because I had no more energy. And even on a normal working day, I felt that my productivity was at a really low level for the last 2 or 3 hours at work. On a stressful day, this point was reached even earlier. Most of the time, when I returned from work I was so tired, ┬áI didn’t want to go out ┬áanymore.

Now – here are the differences. I worked almost 10 hours every day for the past 2 weeks and this feeling of having my head full of things, that always gave me a headache during the day did not come. Many of my coworkers, who had to work extra hours too, were on a bad mood after short period of time or even got sick because of the stress. I didn’t. I can not really explain why – I had more to do then ever before, and even much more demanding things – but they never tied me down. I suppose it is because of the following things:

Freeletics coach - week 13

Freeletics coach – week 14

First, I feel better than ever before in my life. Eating healthy and habitually doing sports are the basis for this. If you are in a healthy and physically good state, progress will come and with progress comes self-esteem and confidence. And other people realize this and they will treat you in a much better way. You can work much more productive because your body is much more reliable and during stressful times it is easier for you to focus and keep your head clear. I realized this in many grueling meetings during the past days where complex things were discussed over hours. Most of the people got confused, lost their focus, got angry or backed down completely. And even though I was a rather small fish among these people, it was me who tied the important topic back on the agenda or showed solutions when it seemed like we ran into a dead end many times. Before I changed my lifestyle, I was rather the guy who was sitting in meetings and just trying to follow and it was always another person who brought up the solution.

Another key factor is the will to take challenges. If you are doing high intense sports, you will not be able to avoid challenging yourself. And if you do, you will see that almost every challenge can be achieved if you just try it. You may fail for the first time, but in the end you will succeed. You will learn that every challenge, however big it may look, can be beaten. You just have to keep going, focus on the next step but not loose the main target…And always care for yourself. As I said, a healthy body is the basis for all this. Eat clean, do sports, sleep sufficient, trink a lot (water or tee) and no or at least just a little alcohol.

You can see the workouts I did in week 13 and 14 in the two pictures. Week 15 is going to be the last week of this coach ( the coach will continue but I will stop to write a post every week). It is going to be a hellweek, I know this because I am already in it and almost at the end, as I am writing this lines. But you will see it next week. Until then, keep going, take your vitamins and remember: even though life is hard some times – you can be harder!

sincerely yours


PS: here are are some inspirational pictures of healthy food ­čśë

fish with vegetables, brown rice and tzatziki

fish with vegetables, brown rice and tzatziki

whole-grain noodles with prawns and pesto

whole-grain noodles with prawns and pesto

wholemeal sandwich with grilled vegetables, sheep milk cheese and salat

wholemeal sandwich with grilled vegetables, sheep milk cheese and salad

Freeletics coach – week 12

This week I decided to take 5 training days instead of my usual 4. It wasn’t really so, that I had more time this week…but I just wanted to try something new and to change my workout-ryhtm. It’s all about variation to keep things interesting. So, getting the 5 days done was hard, furthermore I had a really hard week at work and stayed in the office much longer than usual – but I made it and it feels like a huge progress now.

Freeletics week 12

Freeletics week 12

If you remember, I unlocked the “Handstand-Pushups” skill last week, and this weeks workout plan already included a lot of them. Doing 100 of them on the third day was almost impossible, I had to switch to pikes after 10 repetitions. But thats another great thing on Freeletics, it always gives you new challenges you can work on.

I also got the Freeletics nutrition guide this week. Lately I ran out of ideas for healthy and protein rich meals and ended up eating a lot of low fat quark, eggs and protein muesli. The nutrition guide provides you with recipes and general tips for a healthy nutrition. There are two kinds, one for loosing weight and one for building muscles. I chose the second one. It starts with an introduction that reminds you to eat more protein and less industrial sugar, fast-food and instant meals – but I already stopped doing this when I started with┬áFreeletics. It also has 6 recipes, two for each meal of the day. I tried everything this week and I have to say, they are really good. The recipes are rather simple and usually I cook in a more advanced way. But I tried all of them without any modifications and the result was always good. Here┬áare pictures of my breakfasts this week. The bircher muesli was really good to take to work and I could prepare it in the evening – very┬ánice.

Scrambled eggs with tomato and feta

Scrambled eggs with tomato and feta

Breakfast: Bircher muesli

Breakfast: Bircher muesli

Sandwich with carrot and cotton cheese

Sandwich with carrot and cotton cheese

There also was huge a jubilee this week – I completed my 200th workout. And like my 100th it was Zeus…amazing coincidence or what? So I am looking forward to the next 200! Cheers everybody and never give up!

Freeletics coach – Week 8

Freeletics coach - week 8

Freeletics coach – week 8

This week I wanted to work harder on my PBs as the last couple of weeks I was far behind them and did not made any progress. I set the goal to break at least one PB this week and I was highly motivated! The first workout was Venus and although my arms were tired from the hellday ┬áof last week, I gave everything…and missed my PB by 30 seconds. But getting this close only made me wanting more. The next day’s workout was Artemis – and this time I beat his a*s. I was almost 5 minutes faster then my old PB. It is amazing what can be reached with the right mindset and motivation. Even when there are times during the freeletics 15-weeks challenge when you feel like stepping back – do not give up! This is normal, take your time to recover and try to figure out what restricts you like: do you get enough good sleep ? do you trink a sufficient amount of water during the day? do you eat clean? do you feel sick or have pain? ┬áAll this are factors that influenced my results in the past. The good thing is that you can do something about it. In this way, Freeletics also helps ┬áto “monitor” the healthiness-level of your current lifestyle. If my workout times get longer, there was something I did wrong.

Outside you can feel that Winter is coming and I did most the workouts inside. Before I started with Freeletics, I always (literally) got a cold during this time of the year, with sinusitis and all the stuff. But not this year! Maybe it is because I escaped to the caribbean, but I think that also my body and immune system got stronger. It is such a great experience to see all this positive effects Freeletics has on me, it astonishes me almost every day!

Third training-day was right after halloween and I was completely hungover – so no chance to break another PB. But finally, on the last day I broke my Venus PB as well! After all, this was a very successful week. ┬áI unlocked a new kind of warmup routine that replaces some of the former exercises with more advanced ones – maybe I will create an extra post to show some of them. So far – Keep going and give it your best ­čśë

Freeletics Coach – Second Week

Week number two is over…and I have to say – don’t mess with the new coach! On the feedback of the first week I responded that the training program was “way to easy”…so the coach generated a much tougher workout for this week. You can see the result in the image below.

Freeletics strength coach - week 2

Freeletics strength coach – week 2

At first I thought, yeah this is much better. But after the first day, my whole body hurt. I also had to work a lot and was really tired in the evenings. And I made the mistake to do the workouts on the first training day outside in the rain with inappropriate clothing. I felt like getting sick afterwards. I knew that I had to take a break – so I paused for three days and started from the beginning.

With the old coach you had 20 weeks to complete your 15 weeks workout. What I understood from the FAQ of the new coach, this is now longer the case. ┬áAfter 15 weeks your subscription will continue, but you have to pay again…no matter how many weeks you completed.

Anyhow, it is important to take your time to regenerate. I always tell myself, that freeletics is still cheaper than a gym – so what. And I also think that it makes no sense to stop after the 15 weeks, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about integrating sports and good nutrition in your everyday life and not about doing short periods of diet or sports.

So after my three days break I returned and this time I managed to complete the week in time (6 days). The focus of this week was clearly on legs. I had to do a lot of jumping-jacks, froggers, different versions of squats and climbers. For details check the workouts of my plan on the left side.

When I completed my last 15 weeks coach (cardio & strength) I was able to complete each workout with a star in the end. In the first week of the new coach, this was no problem too. But now I had to go back the the easier version of some exercises (pistols, froggers and Hand-Stand Pushups) as it was simply to hard. But I think this is good – there has to be potential to improve. At the beginning of the 15 weeks it is normal that you can not complete all workouts of even not one workout with a star – don’t worry this will happen soon enough. Set your goals and keep trying.

What helps me a lot is to make a strategy for every exercise. That means that you do the given repetitions in variable blocks. Like

Protein after workout - 536g T-Bone Steak - njam :)

Protein after workout – 536g T-Bone Steak – njam ­čÖé

for example if you have to do 100 Burpees – in the beginning when you start you try to make them in a whole, but after 30 or 40 you have no power left. And then all the following will be much harder. For me it worked better to do like 6 x 15 and 1 x┬á10. Later you can increase the repetitions to do 5 x 20, then 4 x 25 and so on. At the moment I would do 2 x 35 and 1 x 30. When I started with this strategies my PBs got much better and I started to make quick efforts in increasing the repetitions. ┬áIt gives you a even better control over your workouts and your progress.

So, thats it. Week 2 done! It was hard, but thats how it is supposed to be. It reminded me of my first weeks of freeletics, when I was not sure if I could complete the 15 weeks, but I did and now I know that I can complete this 15 weeks to and the next, and then the next…and so on. I rewarded myself with a big T-Bone Steak this evening – I needed protein and so I think I will sleep very well this night. Let’s see what next week brings.

Have fun, keep going and never quit ­čÖé


Freeletics Coach – Prequel

Seit ca. 17 Wochen bin ich jetzt ein “Free Athlete”. Begonnen hat alles mit einer Trennung. Ich denke die Meisten kennen das Gef├╝hl, wenn eine ernsthafte Beziehung zu Ende gegangen ist. Es fehlt etwas, der Alltag f├╝hlt sich ungewohnt an, es schmerzt, ist aber auch ein Neuanfang. Man hat pl├Âtzlich viel mehr Zeit – Zeit die man besser aktiv gestaltet als trauernd und in Gedanken vor sich hin zu leben. In so einem Moment habe ich entschlossen wieder mit Freeletics anzufangen. Ich hatte mir vor einiger Zeit einen Trainingsplan (damals noch im PDF Format) gekauft und damals aber nicht geschafft ihn abzuschlie├čen┬á –┬á Zeit- und Motivationsprobleme, kennt man ja.

Freeletics Coach Cardio & Strength

Freeletics Coach Cardio & Strength

Diesmal wollte ich die 15 Wochen schaffen, ohne Wenn und Aber. Die fehlende Zeit war ja kein Problem mehr und wenn man ehrlich ist war das eine schlechte Ausrede, denn Freeletics ist so ziemlich das effektivste Training (Verh├Ąltnis von Zeitaufwand und Ergebnis) das ich bisher gemacht hatte. Voll motiviert ging ich ans Werk…und lag nach zwei Dritteln des ersten Workouts keuchend in einer Pf├╝tze aus meinem eigenen Schwei├č. Ich war in den letzten 4 Jahren immer mal wieder ins Fitness-Studio oder Laufen gegangen, bin einen Halbmarathon gelaufen und habe auf einen Marathon trainiert (bin aber leider krank geworden), habe abgesehen davon aber nie regelm├Ą├čig, also mehrmal die Woche, mehrere Monate hintereinander intensiven Sport gemacht. Immer wieder war die Versuchung gemeinsam auf dem Sofa zu kuscheln gr├Â├čer als durch den Regen zu rennen, Eisenplatten zu heben oder an irgendwelchen Ger├Ąten stupide und eint├Ânige Wiederholungen zu machen. Naja, auch diese Versuchung konnte mich jetzt nicht mehr abhalten.

Die erste Woche musste ich gleich zweimal machen, da ich weniger als 80% der ├ťbungen geschafft hatte. In der zweiten Woche konnte ich direkt merken, wie ich besser wurde, mehr Puste hatte und regelm├Ą├čig meine PBs (Personal Best – pers├Ânliche Bestzeit) knacken konnte. Nach der dritten Woche habe ich mir dann die App geholt. Immer auf das PDF zu schauen, nebenher von Hand die Zeit zu stoppen (bei Freeletics dient die Zeit die man f├╝r einzelne ├ťbungen und das gesamte Workout braucht als Ma├čstab), die Ergebnisse irgendwo zu dokumentieren war mir dann irgendwann zu l├Ąstig. Die App nimmt einem viel Arbeit ab und bietet einen guten ├ťberblick ├╝ber den pers├Ânlichen Fortschritt. Au├čerdem sieht man wie lange andere Athlethen f├╝r die ├ťbungen brauchen und kann sich mit Freunden vernetzen.


Freeletics App

Woche f├╝r Woche ging vorbei – mit jeweils 4-5 Einheiten. Noch nie hatte ich so regelm├Ą├čig Sport gemacht. Die Tatsache, dass man die Workouts ├╝berall machen kann (zuhause, im Park, in Hotelzimmern) und die relativ kurze Dauer der Workouts machen es einem leicht sie in den Alltag zu integrieren. Eine Fahrt hin und zur├╝ck ins Fitness-Studio dauert meistens so lange wie das komplette Freeletics Workout. Die schnell sichtbaren Erfolge tragen ihr ├╝briges zur Motivation bei. Ich hatte nie Probleme mit ├ťbergewicht, eher umgekehrt – ich kann essen was ich will und neige trotzdem zum Untergewicht. Mein Problem sind eher fehlende Muskeln und damit fehlende Stabilit├Ąt was dazu f├╝hrte dass ich mich bei St├╝rzen zum Beispiel beim Snowboarden oder sonstigen Unf├Ąllen immer unverh├Ąltnism├Ą├čig schwer verletzt hatte. Die Folgen: gebrochene Knochen, eine instabile Schulter, knackende Gelenke.┬á Mein Ziel war es also prim├Ąr Muskeln aufzubauen. Mein Coach war aber leider eher f├╝r ├ťbergewicht gedacht (Cardio & Strength) – ich habe deshalb intensive Cardio-├ťbungen durch Kraft-├ťbungen ersetzt. Nach Woche 7 hatte ich aufgrund der intensiven Workouts aber eher abgenommen. Au├čerdem war ich oft m├╝de und habe mich, vor allem nach den Workouts, extrem schlapp gef├╝hlt. Da wurde mir klar, dass ich wohl auch an meiner Ern├Ąhrung etwas ├Ąndern musste. Ich habe angefangen mit einer weiteren App (Noom) meine Mahlzeiten und deren Kaloriengehalt zu tracken und habe gemerkt, dass ich viel zu wenig esse. Die App ist eigentlich zum Abnehmen gedacht – man kann ein Zielgewicht eingeben (dass bl├Âderweise nicht h├Âher als das Startgewicht sein kann) und bekommt dann eine Kalorien-Empfehlung. In meinem Fall waren das ca 2600Kcal pro Tag um mein Gewicht von damals 69 Kilo zu halten. Ich habe mich beraten lassen und bekam die Empfehlung mindesten 3400kcal pro Tag zu essen, wenn ich zunehmen wollte. Mit Noom habe ich dann versucht, diesen Wert zumindest an Trainingstagen zu erreichen. Den gr├Â├čten Effekt hatte ein Eiwei├č-Protein M├╝sli das ich mir gekauft hatte, gibts z.B. hier. Ich hatte fr├╝her auch schon Protein-Shakes ausprobiert, diese aber nie vertragen. Mit dem M├╝sli habe ich es geschafft innerhalb von einer Woche 2 Kilo Muskeln zuzunehmen.┬á Ich hatte eigentlich immer schon auf eine gesunde Ern├Ąhrung geachtet, war aber immer wieder auf Burger King, Mc Donalds und so zur├╝ckgefallen und habe dort auch regelm├Ą├čig (manchmal ein- bis zweimal die Woche) gegessen. Ich wurde davon nicht dick, aber tr├Ąge und lustlos. Seit ich Freeletics mache, war ich kein einziges mal mehr dort.

Auch meine Trinkgewohnheiten musste ich umstellen. Ich neige dazu zu wenig zu trinken. Durch den hohen Fl├╝ssigkeitsverlust beim Training hat das dazu gef├╝hrt, dass ich schnell m├╝de wurde, die Gelenke geschmerzt haben und ich nach dem Training Kopfschmerzen bekam. Mittlerweile trinke ich mindestens 3 Liter am Tag, vorher waren es maximal 1,5. Ein Artikel aus dem Freeletics Knowledge Center hat mich dazu gebracht – Sehr zu empfehlen. Zu Beginn habe ich einfach immer versucht bewusst zu trinken, auch wenn ich nicht durstig war. Ich hatte fast ├╝berall eine Wasserflasche dabei und habe mich alle halbe Stunde zum trinken “gezwungen” – irgendwann ging es dann automatisch und ich f├╝hle mich grunds├Ątzlich besser, wacher und fitter. Woran ich noch arbeiten k├Ânnte, ist der Alkoholkonsum am Wochenende und auf Parties, ein zwangsl├Ąufiger Seiteneffekt des Single-Lebens, aber ein Laster darf jeder haben – nobody is perfekt ­čśë


Woche 1 bis 17

So, die 15 Wochen sind um – ich habe eigentlich 17 Wochen gebraucht da ich Woche 1 und 10 zweimal gemacht habe. Ich f├╝hle mich besser denn je – wenn auch etwas m├╝de von der den Trainingsplan abschlie├čenden Hellweek. Das ist eine Woche voller Workouts, mindestens eins und maximal drei pro Tag in der man definitiv an seine Grenzen kommt ( ich hatte voher noch nie einen Krampf im Oberarm). Mit dem Resultat bin ich sehr zufrieden. Leider habe ich am Anfang kein Foto gemacht – aber in Woche zwei habe ich bei einem Kurzurlaub in Kreta einen h├Âllenm├Ą├čigen Sonnenbrand bekommen den ich auch dokumentiert habe. Meine K├Ârperdaten habe ich mir aber zum Gl├╝ck regelm├Ą├čig notiert und da wird der Unterschied auch deutlich. Die genauen Daten stehen auf dem Foto.

Ich hatte mir eigentlich schon von Anfang an vorgenommen mir anschlie├čend wieder einen Coach zu kaufen, diesmal die digitale Version und wie es der Zufall will, kommt zwei Tage nachdem mein Trainingsplan zu Ende ist ein gro├čes Freeletics Update – Wochen vorher geheimnisvoll mit #itscoming angek├╝ndigt. Schicksal? Jedenfalls ist klar, wie es f├╝r mich weiter geht. Zus├Ątzlich m├Âchte ich hier meine Freeletics-Erfahrung teilen, mir Anregungen und Tipps holen und diese auch weitergeben.

In diesem Sinne:
Give it your all! #ClapClap