Side project – Building my own little software engineering lab

As a developer or software architect I always strive to explore new technologies, build some stuff by myself, try something or just hack around for fun. For most of these things, it is sufficient to have my stuff running on localhost, but the real fun starts with really distributed systems.

So my plan was, to build my own infrastructure to run stuff on using raspberry pis. They are quite cheap, don’t consume that much energy and are sufficient for most of my use-cases.
As I succeed with some of the things I wan’t to do, I will try to post a new article here.

The steps I already did:
– setup raspberries
– setup git repositories on raspberry pi
– run Jenkins on raspberry pi
– run docker on raspberry pi
– run docker container with mongo DB on raspberry pi

Next steps:
– run some of my node.js applications on raspberry pi
– automation with Jenkins

If you are interested in one of these topics, please let me know!