Freeletics is a fitness-program that combines functional body weight training with running exercises. There is a same-named company from germany that founded the program and provides the platform for the freeletics community with training-schedules, nutrition guide and social features. Freeletics is proven to be hard, but also very effective. To measure improvements, you keep track of your workout times and try to beat them – but always with an eye on the correct execution of the exercises.

One nice thing about Freeletics is that you can to it almost everywhere. The only thing required sometimes is a place to do pullups or a wall. Your main tool as a FreeAthlete is the mobile app. It helps to track the times and stay in touch with other atheles all around the world. The app in general is free, but requires a payment to unlock all exercises and the so called coach.

The coach is a personalized program that gives you a weekly workout schedule. The weekly routines are generated using an algorithm that consideres your personal progress and your evaluation of the last week. That’s just an asumption – nobody outside the Freletics company really knows how the algorithm works and what parameters effect the calculations – I guess.

I started Freeletics in april 2014 and it become an important part of my life. Since I started, I feel more comfortable in my body, am in a much better shape and general phyiscal and mental condition. Also I met a lot of nice and interesting people, that share this passion and become really good friends. If you want to find out more about Freeletics, visit the official website.

15 weeks with Freeletics coach


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