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My Name is Stefan and this is my blog. The topics I want to address are various…but there will be a common thread. Most of the thoughts and experiences I want to share here are about managing and improving your everyday life and how I try to maintain a healthy and maybe someday wealthy lifestyle. We live in a more globalized and complex world, with a lot of advantages but also a lot of threads. People struggle to keep pace with the rapid development – the consequences are civilization and lifestyle diseases like allergies, diabetes, overweight, burnout syndrome, depressions and a lot more. This is what I am aware of and what I find frightening but also challenging. And because of that I choose this name for my blog.

Overdevelopment refers to a way of seeing global inequality that focuses on the negative consequences of excessive consumption. According to various surveys, consumption is seemingly not making people notably happy, but rather increasing the West’s ecological footprint.[2]

As I work as a Software Engineer there will be also some technological stuff too. The IT sector is always in such a rush, that is hart to stay on top of things. New Technologies rise and fall every year, making it hart for IT-people to focus on the maybe or maybe not important thing. I am trying to keep a healthy balance between staying informed about everything new and important without diving to deep into the technological world and losing contact to the real world outside. Because at the end of the day, I live in a body out of flesh and blood, that has to be in a good condition and also for a mental health real social interactivity, in my opinion, is really important.

So, thats all for now. Stay updated by following me if you like, maybe some of my experiences or thoughts might help you, maybe not. Feel free to contact me, if you disagree with something I wrote or in case you have something else to add or discuss about! I am looking forward hearing from you!

Greetings, Stefan

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Stefan I have a little question
    I have submitted to the coach yesterday for a 3 months period. I havent worked out for two weeks but I usually do sports on a regular basis even though i’m not a beast and my concern was that my week 1 in freeletics was incredibly easy it went as followed : Day 1 : 25 straight leg lever / 25 push ups / 20 Burpees – Day 2 : 1/5 hyperion – Day 3 : 2/3 metis – Day 4 : 1/5 triton
    So i want to make things clear i’m not an athlete i dont have rippling abs but still i’m good at sports and have worked out quite a bit, I did insanity last year for 2 months but this time i want to take it a step higher while combining freeletics and boxing lesson and as I said my week 1 was so easy that I did it all in 1 day and now I have to wait another week to continue with the coach. I guess what i’m asking is advice … If it’s too easy at first should i combine it with full workouts (such as zeus, apollo … even if i cant yet finish them) ? or should i follow the coach as precisely as its written on the app ? …
    I know this seems like a lot but i would be really thankful !


    • Hi Angelo, thank you for your question! Yes indeed, that’s definetly not much for a first week. When I started about two years ago, there were no split up Workouts (like 1/5), the first week started with workouts like Aphrodite, Artemis or Venus. It was totally normal not to finish them in the first week. So yes, do them! I also can tell you that it may take two or three weeks for the Coach to adapt to your Fitness Level, especially if one was to modest at the first fitness level test. Use the Coach feedback to point out, that it was to easy, I made good experiences with that.
      I usually use the Coach as a basis and combine it with some extra workouts from the freeletics app or from madbarz, that’s another App that has a ton of bodyweight Trainings. I hope this answered your question, let me know if you have more 🙂

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